Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To Quote

"In my time I have practiced several other styles of martial arts. I have studied them, borrowed what I needed, and synthesized them into my own techniques, thus further refining the arts I humbly received, into a kata system I called "sayaw-an." The addition of applications to the original art by each succeeding master, so that the art can evolve, has become a tradition Kuntaw is the style or form of fighting which uses the natural weapons of the body from striking, kicking, throwing, and joint reversals. The hands are used for balancing, parrying, and grappling techniques as well as throwing the competitor when the opportunity presents itself. The legs are employed for a myriad of powerful kicking techniques from a number of different angles and include jumping kicks as well as takedown and sweeping maneuvers.

The art originally consisted of only soft, open hand techniques with emphasis on holding and locking while striking with either hand or feet. After World War II, the Japanese, Okinawan, and Korean arts came to the Philippines and gave me a look at hard styles. I chose to expand and modernize the art and added hard techniques to the style. This made kuntaw into a hard/soft style with avenues of response to any kind of attack. I ultimately systemized the art and added new forms for the lower grades to study, with the ultimate goal of developing a well-rounded fighter or practitioner."

GGM Lanada

Be careful what you say( it may come back to bite you on your butt), be careful who you give rank too( they just may grow out of your garden and hold you to your words), and remember you are the one who started this..........

Sunday, February 21, 2010

OK OK, enough already

I keep getting flack from the Lanada Camp via anonymous posts and emails. To answer your constant comments that I was black balled and should stop using the Kuntaw name.

Yes, I was black balled. Why? For what reason? Ask the upper ranks of Kuntaw why they chose to let me go. I have no idea other than petty jealousies by a certain San Diego person.

Guro Marc- you were not the first person to be the Canadian Director

Soon after being nominated to the Black Belt Hall of Fame by GM Lanada and being given 5th degree rank I recieved this letter

It states-
1." What you are doing things that is foolish/or laughable"
2. You are riding on the IKF
3. You were never given true rank in Kuntaw
4. What right do you have to claim you are founder of AMKA?

To answer number 1

I have been recognized by my peers as being a teachers teacher
I was top ranked competitor in the Michigan and Can Am Karate circuits for 5 years straight.
I am in demand for seminars and respected by some of the highest ranked persons in their arts.

Master Ivan Bergeron wrote:

”Hi Buzz,,

Everyone is happy to see that you are coming up for another seminar,
those who have experienced your teaching concepts before have all signed up,
and convinced the other students that this is the only seminar where you are
taught well, and you feel that you have accomplished, a true Martial Arts
experience by a great Martial Arts instructor. Over the years (40) I've
attended many seminars in Canada, the U.S.A. and Korea, taught by high
ranking Masters of many styles and most are either money oriented or
politically motivated. I've left very disappointed and not very impressed
with most of them. I do believe students should have as much exposure to
other styles and concepts as they can, this will help develop them into much
better Martial Artists and in some instances pursue a new style, which
better suits their training goals, and this is good, at least he will stay
and make a life time committment with what he enjoys and eventually help
It would be enjoyable to see you back in the tournament circuit, your
domination of these tournaments was always exciting to see. Your
showmanship and demonstrations were a strong interest factor for the
tournaments. All students from the KOREAN MARTIAL ARTS CENTER have much
respect for you and the way you conduct and represent your chosen art.
There are very few Black Belts, who I truly believe have the integrity and
principles to be a Black Belt, I am glad that you are one of them.
Looking forward to the upcoming seminar.

8th Degree Black Belt
This comes from an 8th degree Black Belt who has 40 years of training/ teaching under his belt-
He was one of the first to introduce Hapkido to Northern Ontario Canada. I don't think he thinks I am laughable

Number 2---Next you say I am riding on the reputation of the IKF- If you do a google search and look up Maharlika Kuntaw you will find over 200 references. 99% of those are mine - not the IKF. If you go to the forums and check on Carlito Lanada , you will find that 90 % of the posts with his name are mine giving you credit for the art of Kuntaw. So, no, I am not riding on your reputation I WAS spreading it. I even tried to get your IKF website up and running when your old webpage fell apart. I was authorized to do this by your daughter Alice

Number 3 next you say that I was not given true rank in Kuntaw. The very next line it says you gave me a 5th degree Black Belt in recognition of what I had done in the martial arts . Now correct me if I am wrong, would you just give someone rank in your system without the ability to back it up? Would you put someone in a directorship position who you didn't feel capable of promoting your art as you would want it? Would you recommend that person (with no rank)to the World Black Belt Hall of Fame?I think not.

I have certificates signed by GM Lanada for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th degree Black Belt- were those certificates also for recognition of martial arts actions?

Number 4--"How can you prove that you're the founder of Maharlika" I never claimed to have founded Maharlika or Kuntaw or originated those terms, I do claim to have founded the AMKA which has been on the books since 1974 supporting Big Brothers and Sisters Organization here in Michigan. Next, I am claiming to be the founder of the American Maharlika Kuntaw Association- "I AM". I formed this organization to help promote Kuntaw back in the 70's after not getting ANY reply from the many letters I sent to Olongapo to you ( I even enclosed money for return postage yet you did not reply) and to the PKA.

Then, I am not authorized to promote Kuntaw. Well, the last words out of GM Lanada's mouth when I left the Philippines in 1973 was to promote and propagate this art to the US. When I was appointed US Director of the IKF, Midwest Director, and Canadian Director of the IKF right on the certificates it says "Promote and propagate this art" I was authorized as an agent for 25 years!!!

Now let's address the term Kyud, I have asked many Filipinos what kyud actually means- they all looked at me like I was nuts. There is no reference to kyud in the Tagalog dictionary as being brother or Kyudai as sister- From what I have been able to ascertain- Kyu is the belt classification of Japanese Martial arts and Kyud is a bastardization of that word so- I don't recognize it, the same with Kimono. How can you use Japanese terms in a "truely Filipino Art" as you say.

When attacked I will defend myself to the wall. And I have been attacked.
I have been teaching an art that has elements of many Filipino arts in it. It is my art, the art that you planted the seed of and let me grow unattended. So, if I have grown out of your garden and no longer have a place because my color, texture, size , or or simply that I don't fit with what you have in mind for your organization- I will go away. I will still give you credit for my ability, and the desire you kindled in me. But, I will not give up the name of Kuntaw- you cannot lay claim to an art that has 30 different subdivisions in the US already. You cannot put out the fire that has been started. You are the figure head, you are my Grand Master- but the art that you want me to embrace is not the Kuntaw that I have grown to respect and admire for it’s ancient Filipino ability not it’s Okinawan inbreeding. Sorry- that’s life. It is not Kuntaw of The Philippines- It’s Kuntaw of Philkinawa. I don’t think you do the Philippine people justice by watering down what was once a proud cultural art.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


A professor got up in front of his class, he had been listening to the many bits of conversation as the class filtered in. Some of it was about the class, but most of it was just comments about clothes , cars, girls, and the latest movie. As he stood at his desk and called the class to order he raised a large empty pickle jar and placed it on the counter top.

He asked the class-" Is this jar empty or full?"
A young girl stood and said- "it is full of air?"
"Very good" he said, then he took a box of large rocks and proceeded to fill the jar to the top with softball sized rocks.
"Now, is it full?" A young man stood up and said "yes sir, it is full of rocks" "Nope" he said as he pulled out another box of smaller rocks and proceeded to jiggle them into the voids. "Now is it full?" The first young lady said "obviously not, there is still room in there" "Exactly" said the professor and proceeded to empty a bag of small pebbles and then a bag of sand into the jar. "Now is it full?" " No" said the young man, "there is still room for water to be added". "Perfect" said the professor, "Now what have we learned?"

A young man from the back row said " matter occupies space?". "No, I am afraid you have missed the point" said the professor. "This jar signifies your life, the rocks the important things in your life- health, family, friends, your education. The pebbles and the sand signify the small things in life- what show you want to see, what kind of car you drive, what clothes you wear. If you fill your jar with pebbles and sand there is no room left for the rocks". As he took the jar from the table top he asked. "Is your jar full of rocks or are you too busy filling it with sand?"-

"Class dismissed"

Friday, February 12, 2010

News Flash, Tinkerbell steals Pan's shadow, Pan clips Tink's wings

It has been 40 years in the making, Deb and I were married Monday February 8th in front of close friends and family.

In all our travels and adventures you have sat next to me always saying “I’m with you”. I hope that you know that I too am with you. I wish I could give you all of life’s bounty and share with you many sunsets and starry nights. We have cried together, smiled together, and laughed together, unlike what I have ever had with anyone else. I know that this does not rhyme or follow prose, but it is from the heart. Just being with you has made my life so much more full and happy. I want to do things with you, take you places and share moments that will never come again. I mentioned forgotten days to you once and I tried to explain. But I think that we both have had way too many forgotten days .
Let’s make memories, let’s go places, do things, make things, and not have forgotten days.

For you be Tink and I Peter Pan

I left for Viet Nam and left the Midget Chick behind- she dis ta peered

So many years ago I found a pixie, whose smile melted my heart
But the untimeliness of war caused our paths to part

Try as I may to find you and regain that which I had lost,
I was too young to realize what this war had cost.

The smiling eyes the pixie grin the warmth that you once shared
The memories of you caused me to go searching if I dared

I lost you to life’s unstructured fate but now you have returned
We both have past lives we’ve lived but together we have learned

I set out to prove that I was able to stand on my two feet
Going toe to toe with unseen foes on any darkened street

You set out for a family and at that you have succeeded
But we both have come to realize that is not what we needed

The greatest wealth is held in our hearts and not held in our hands
The memories you have given me have made me a wealthy man

I promise you adventures of many kinds and offer you my hand
Together lets make memories and live in neverland

I do believe in KARMA and people get what they deserve. So if this is now my fate, I can deal with it. I have never felt like this with anyone in my life. I melt at her touch and my neck scrunches up to melt with her neck kiss. She has stolen my shadow and my heart.