Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Projects , projects

Take a beat up old boat purchased for 25.00 at a resale shop, throw it in the woods for 5 years, haul it back out and spend 2 weeks repairing all the damage.

Then start from scratch to get it looking like it is worth something.

cost to date
25.00 for boat and trailer
35.00 for bondo and sand paper
6.00 for aluminum
12.50 for weather proof cover
65.00 for boat canvas
25.00 for vinyl material
12.00 for fuse block
186.00 for urethane paint and supplies

total= a project that has kept me somewhat sane for a week or two.

Monday, July 04, 2011

The Trials of being Peter Pan

I had been on my own for quite a while before I reconnected with Deb. I know that I can be moody, self centered, and even downright sarcastic if my mind is set on it. But, when Deb arrived, things have changed. She is the yin to my yang. Her sarcasm trumps mine and she sees things from a 3rd party view. She has a great way of pointing out when I am totally off base. And ya know, she is usually right.
Her kids have come to visit and we have had a pretty good time showing them the sights and points of interest around TC. My "A" type personality has been put to the test, when I am ready to go, I usually go. But with 2 young uns and an unwritten schedule, I usually have to wait 1/2 to an hour to finally get up to speed to the next attraction. I have had to dodge darting kids, a light sabre coming towards my eye, and a head butt to the groin so i have been kept on my toes. Last night we had a marshmellow roast and fireworks rolled into one. The Peter Pan in me came up with some gun power in the fire pit to dazzle the kids. The local raccoon decided to visit at dusk and put on quite a show- even falling into the pond as a finale. Laughs , smiles, and beaten bodies have been shared by all. But the smiles that Deb shares while her kids are here warms my heart. I am glad that they feel at home here.