Monday, June 08, 2009

Spring Gathering of the Tribes part 2

Another gathering has come and gone leaving many memories of bruises and smiles. This annual bash is anticipated by me every year why? Because of the camaraderie, the brotherhood, the new ideas and faces that come to the table. Every year we see new people, new systems, and new ideas to play with. And play I do. Tho I am not much for Harimau I do like the concepts that go with that art. Can I get down on the floor and wrap my body into a pretzel? No, age and muscle problems limit my activities. But, am I inspired by what I see? Yes an emphatic - YES.

Also with the get together we have a chance to share the food and spirits ( tho I do not partake of the spirits) food yes- I am usually first in line and last to put down a fork.

This year there was a noticeable absence of several of the regulars of the gathering- notably Guru Mushtaq Ali. Why he chose not to attend is his own. Several of his students chose not to attend as well. That is ok because it opened the door for others to come in and share. This group has always been about leaving attitudes at the door as well as egos. So if there was an ego problem, I guess it couldn't be left at the door. And Bobbe, who could not make it due to his waiting for his back surgery. But we took care of injecting his presence every chance we could. This is the first time I was able to get the last word in with Bobbe.

We made up for this absence by burying ourselves in each others company. We shared Harimau ( ) , Silat pertempkin(Jay Christensen ), Rossi Kuntao ( Mel Hebert) Kuntaw ( Buzz Smith) Like I always say- treachery will win and I stuffed a few feet to prove it., San Yun Do ( Chuck and Don), Krav Maga ( Criag Gray, Weasel craft Street Smarts ( Terry Trehan , Knife making ( Ian Robbins and Chuck), and we enjoyed the company of many newcomers, Sheri, Rob, Doug, David, Burrell and many I met but don't remember their names.

The weather co operated with us and allowed us to train outside for the most part, dodging the mosquitoes and sliding on the grass. When it got too bad , the inside of the dojo fit just nicely. As I said in my previous post, I was able to finally hook up with Guro Mel Hebert after hearing his name come up many times with Chuck. I was glad to pick up another contact in my search for the art of Kuntao.

I have attended many of these gatherings and I feel this was one of the best yet. Because of my polymyalgia I am unable to do a lot of the extreme stretching and twisting that some of the arts exert on your body, I might not complete a session, but I hang in there as long as I can. It is not a reflection against the instructor teaching, rather it is me knowing my limits.

Chuck and Jeanne were great hosts as usual and the BBQ and menu was first rate.
I have a hard time trying to post on this blog as my puter crashes half way thru doing it. So until I can get better , you guys will just have to put up with me floundering.