Sunday, January 27, 2008


I have been a student of the martial arts since the summer of 1968 always looking for those things that compliment me. I have been a teacher of FMA since 1973 when I was approached to share what I had learned along the way. I never entered into this realm by choice. I have stumbled , crawled, and felt my way around trying to replicate what I had done so my students could find their truths.

Many students have come to me- stayed for several years and then walked on. Tho they have learned a lot and have learned to learn, they don't see the picture that is in front of them. Martial arts isn't for everyone. Jobs, Family, and careers have more importance and rightly so.

But- something my mother instilled in me as a young man has stayed with me. She said " You do what you have to do, to do what you want to do". My family never had much money, I grew up in a tough time. But, when I wanted to play music, I worked my butt of to get the money to buy an electric guitar and amp. I spent a lot of time sittng and playing and playing and playing and I became pretty good at it. I was in a band that toured with Bob Seger, The Frost , and even backed up the Animals. I still play today.

I was 19 before I ever got a car ( a beat up 62 Buick LeSabre)I always wanted a Corvette Sting Ray. I knew I would never have one so- I learned to work Fiberglass and made my own sportscar.

The cabin I grew up in was full of hand me down furniture and clothes. One day I wanted to have a nice clutter free and matched motif home. ( still workin on that one). I did the competition circuit for many years- I gave up swimming, camping, and dating to get recognization for my art. I accomplished that.Bottom line is, I had goals and I gave up time and energy to achieve what I wanted.

As I go on after so many years, I have been looking to pass the torch. Seems like no one wants it. So I will just keep plugging along doing what I have done and waiting for the person who sees the value in the art that I teach.

Seems today that there are only people who want what they want when they want it. Not many that will stay the course and take on the responsibility of caretaking the old ways and continuing the lineage.

Don't get me wrong, I have had many students that have excelled and have made me quite proud of their abilities, skills, and accomplishments. But when asked to give back, or to link, or even to support- they turn their backs.
Their loss. Still, the door is open. I know someone will see the value.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Here I am at GM Lanada's studio in Virginia Beach Virginia with the trophies I earned at the HL Davis Open Karate Tournament that he signed me up for after driving 18 hours. Black Belt- 1st forms , 2nd weapons, 2nd sparring/ 1st place Senior Black Belt- forms, weapons, sparring/ and 1st place Master's division- forms weapons , and sparring. I ended up with the Grand Master title to the tournament, Forms Grand Champion, Fighting Grand Champion-------- a grand total of 12 awards. I guess my "QUEER" form of Kuntaw trumps his "Kuntaw Karate"

I submit this piece of paper sent to me by Grand Master Carlito Lanada. This is in rebuttal to his letter stating that I had never recieved a black belt from him and that I was teaching a "Queer" form of Kuntaw.


As many know, I have been on prednesone for the past year or so. Bobbe- you have nothing on me. There goes my modeling career.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Several years ago I hosted 2 foreign exchange students. I had made plans and was pretty ready for their arrival- then

"BOOM" I broke 2 ribs.

This after falling off a roof and having a neck injury accelerate into 3 mini strokes. Needless to say, when they arrived I was not in the best of conditions and had been off work for a while with no income. Still, I took them in and I was thoroughly pleased as they were some nice kids. Nikki was from Bulgaria and Yun was from South Korea. Both had an interest in learning martial arts and both put their time in while they were here. Many memories were made and a lot of laughs ensued.

Well, I have had several emails from the boys and not much else them POOF!!!! Nikki arrived during the summer at a time when my muscle problem had re flared. He came and stayed for a week. He was a lot of help. He and my room mate helped put an extension on my lower deck and helped me finish up the landscaping of my back yard. Without their help it would not have gotten done.

They sent holiday wishes and let me know that they too valued their time spent here.
Kinda makes you feel good in that spot near your heart that makes you tingle a bit.

Would I sponsor anymore kids- whole heartedly !!!Yes! But this time I will have had a large bank account there to draw from. I am sure that they indeed had a good time. But, I would have loved to do more with them.

I loved being Mr. Miyagi