Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Here I am at GM Lanada's studio in Virginia Beach Virginia with the trophies I earned at the HL Davis Open Karate Tournament that he signed me up for after driving 18 hours. Black Belt- 1st forms , 2nd weapons, 2nd sparring/ 1st place Senior Black Belt- forms, weapons, sparring/ and 1st place Master's division- forms weapons , and sparring. I ended up with the Grand Master title to the tournament, Forms Grand Champion, Fighting Grand Champion-------- a grand total of 12 awards. I guess my "QUEER" form of Kuntaw trumps his "Kuntaw Karate"

I submit this piece of paper sent to me by Grand Master Carlito Lanada. This is in rebuttal to his letter stating that I had never recieved a black belt from him and that I was teaching a "Queer" form of Kuntaw.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a assume feat.
We all now its in you and you are who you, without any questions.
We hope you feel better and see you in the spring....
The Moores

8:58 AM  

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