Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Memorable Day Indeed

Deb collects Tinkerbells,

so, they needed a home. A bit of scrap wood, some paper mache, a little pixie dust and...........

A Tinkerbell "Tree" House I love creating things from nothing- she loves it, we worked together on it, shared ideas and came up with a cute little storage unit.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I was just filling out my time card for this last weeks work and it came to me. We go thru life not keeping track of the days just going from one to the next. There are days that are memorable, and days that we lose because we take a break, laze out, chill, or just plain didn't do anything that was worth remembering. These are forgotten days.

We don't get paid for these days but these days we throw away. We are but given a number of days to live our life, explore, create, and use. If we don't make the most of these days, we throw them away, never to get them back. I have inadvertently tried to make the most of each day in my life by creating memories. I have built cars, guitars, my house, my furniture, and created bonds with people. I read a long time ago a comment that stuck with me but, I cannot remember the whole thing verbatim. It goes- " Man is rich or poor, not by the things he owns or money he possesses, it is by the friends, memories, and his accomplishments that his wealth is measured. For we are given a small amount of time on this earth and we should value what is really important- friends, family, and memories." If I remember correctly, it came from Bruce Lee.( I cannot find it anywhere but I know I read it) If this is how wealth is measured, I am truly rich for I have made many friends, I cherish my family, and I have created many memories while I have walked this earth. Yet,I am still bothered by the forgotten days. Those days where I failed to create memories.

I'll try harder to do something memorable each day.

Today was a slow start but I got into gear about 11 am. I created a wedding cake topper for my wedding with Deb. It is Peter Pan and Tinker Bell Kissing. For those of you who know me, I have been accused of never growing up, playing with swords/knives, and hanging with lost boys (which is very true). Deb has had the nick name "Tink" for many years. Our getting back together has been kind of like a fairy tale. So I think this cake topper is only fitting and should be memorable. I used several Christmas ornaments and cut them down and re arranged them to "fit".

What do you think?

Today I also was able to get my exhaust to work on my dune buggy. The old exhaust stuck out way too far and would not allow me to put a trailer hitch on. So, yes, today was memorable.

Monday, January 04, 2010

The Life of an Oregano Addict

Seems I am not the only one who has felt the wrath of GM Lanada--- read thisThe Life of an Oregano Addict