Saturday, December 27, 2008

Terrorists and the cry for recognition

I have avoided posting religious or political comments in my blog mainly because I have a mixed feeling about all of this. But, today I read some news about the mutilation of a rabbi and his wife by Muslim radicals. They raped them, cut off their genitals, then eviscerated them. I know that all Muslims are not terrorists and I know that there have been a number of instances of cruel and unusual things done by both sides. But isn't this a lot more cruel than mishandling of their Koran???????????

I saw a cartoon a while back of an Arabic person burning the American flag and denouncing American. Then screamed for his rights when he was thrown into jail.
To me it is kind of the same thing. They behead, drag bodies behind a car, eviscerate and mutilate hostages then scream because their Koran was mis handled or they were made to crawl on their knees. They cry to have someone killed because of a cartoon, they want to kill a school teacher who lets her class name a class pet(They named the pet Mohamed- she didn't), they blow up a man and his stall because he was selling video tapes. They kill their daughters for wearing make up....They want to put to death a man who converted from Islam????
Now, I am not one to point fingers , but, isn't that a bit over board?

I am thinking that the Muslim or Islamic community had better start condemning what is going on or they will be lumped into the same general perception as the terrorists.

here are some links\ Very graphic
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event 4
Nazmeen, an 11 year old girl, was molested and set on fire by her uncle, a conservative Muslim, in Jaipur, India. He was outraged over her wearing lipstick and being ’scantily dressed.’ After conducting inappropriate acts with her body, he poured kerosene over her and torched over 90% of her body.
11 year old girl set on fire for wearing lipstick

In the past few years the Afghanistan Taliban have closed down hundreds of schools, burned down over 140 more and have killed over 40 teachers and students. The reason being that the schools had the the nerve to educate girls. This atrocious behavior is not enough though. Now the Taliban in Swat Pakistan has threatened to blow up all girls' schools and attack the students if they are not closed by January 15Th. The Taliban says that the schools go against Islam.

We in turn are an open society and that just may be our downfall.
Suicide Bombings
Why Muslims cannot condemn terrorists
List of Islamic incidents

I guess I have just gotten my head out of the sand

Some may say I am an Islamaphobe but- no- I am against stupidity . As long as the rest of mankind allows this stupidity to continue, we are all targets.

So how many nasty grams am I gonna receive for these observations??