Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sharp Pointy Things

My antique Moro Kris's Some of my toys When i was stationed in Olongapo Philippines I bought a lot of knives , balisongs, and swords. Problem was I could not bring them back. Seems Uncle Sam did not allow these things to go thru customs, so, there are a few of my earlier aquired weapons sitting at the bottom of the ocean. I had to get rid of them before we got to Hawaii. Since returning to the US I have tried to find weapons at garage sales , Pawn shops, on craigslist, and on ebay. My last trip to the Philippines was very enjoyable, I got to watch them make bolos and knives. My good friend Lyndon Ante took Deb and I to a bladesmith in Tabaco Philippines. I was asked to bring back a special blade for one of my students ( Anton) so the first line of business was to have one made. We watched as metal was cut from stock, hammered into shape, and then finished. All of this took less than 15 minutes. The cost of this special blade- about 8 US dollars. I knew I could sell a lot of these for way more than that. It seems tho that the shipping , handling, customs, and all will raise the cost way up too. Bummer. Well enjoy what I have posted.

Lyndon and Michael are trying to arrange the sale of bolo to our group, they will take our designs and have them made and make all the arrangements to have them shipped here. Costs will depend on the design and how many that are ordered. This is to fund their trip here to attend the next gathering. Please, if you have any interest in getting a blade, contact me.


Blogger chuck said...

Very cool, Buzz! Looks like it was an awesome trip!
- Chuck

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